• ” This experience left my daughter understanding a very important life’s lesson….to be part of a process that requires patience and hard work in order to understand a whole. BTC has the ability to bring out those qualities, and talent, in such young and impressionable children. ”  – Leslie Tanquary, parent


  • “We have been fortunate enough to be part of the Belasco family at the onset, and it’s been a wonderful journey. My son came to Shanti as a shy and unsure 10 year old, and blossomed under her wing into a self confident and determined young man. She and her ace team of professionals provided the tools necessary for Cole to succeed in achieving his dreams. From acting, to dancing to voice training, he has excelled under Belasco’s guidance. As a result he was accepted into one of the top performing arts schools in the country. ”                 —Mary Lou Wagner


  • “Watching our daughter re-invent herself on that stage, not only for the character she is portraying, but within herself is priceless. The courage and self-esteem that has been grown within her because of Belasco is a true blessing to our family! Thank you for taking us here, Shanti and her talented team!”             –Adriana Nix


  • “My daughter came to Belasco as an impressionable, quiet girl who was interested in theater.  After three shows, Shanti and the Belasco team have helped her to evolve into a confident and talented performer who is passionate about the stage, music, and dance.       –Wende Nichols-Julien


  • “Each show, we are blown away by how much the kids have accomplished.  The costumes are always fabulous and the performances are so professional.  It’s easy to forget that children are performing.” –Deb Robertson & Tom Chwalek


  • “Beside being part of a musical theatre group that presents amazingly professional shows that blow the audience away every time, the benefits of being in Belasco go far beyond just developing a student’s performing arts talents. My daughter has gained increased confidence in her school classroom and is now totally comfortable standing up and giving an oral presentation.”    –Barbara Morrison


  • “Our daughter entered the company a 10-year-old with no acting experience, untold talent, but plenty of enthusiasm. Five years and 9 shows later, now part of the BTC family of kids, she’s developed into quite the performer through the guidance of a skilled and patient director and very talented vocal and dance teachers. The atmosphere in the company is both motivating and supportive, making it the perfect place for our daughter to try out and perfect different performance styles, while having fun in the process.”     –Toni VanBuskirk


  • “It would be hard to overstate how meaningful my son’s experience with Belasco Theatre Company has been.  The thrill of performing live onstage as the culmination of months of dedication and hard work is an important life lesson about cause and effect.  My son is now 17 and BTC has been the most important activity in his life since he was 14.  Most of his closest friends are his Belasco friends and he has developed a love of theater that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.  It is so exciting for his family to see him perform and to watch this group of talented kids grow and develop their talents with each new show.”  –Christa Givich


Audience Members:

  • We *loved* the show.  I was very impressed with the quality of the production, and with the kids themselves.  Thomas was completely absorbed in the action from start to finish, and it was a great pleasure to share this first theatrical event with him.  Thank you so much for making it such an enjoyable one.     –Reba Devine


  • We attended last Saturday’s performance of All Shook Up. It was a wonderfully delightful surprise. We knew nothing about the show or Belasco Theater Company and attended because of the music  (we’re in Elvis’ era) and because the Hermosa theater is walking distance. We were enthralled with the enthusiasm, talent and professionalism of the cast, the kids were extraordinary. Everyone connected with the show is to be congratulated.   – Dennis & Bobbi Brown